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today is st. pat's. well, the fifteenth was st. pat's for actual catholics but wtf are THOSE!? the state hol is today in ireland so that's what matters. and i have been awake since six in the morning dancing EVERYFUCKINGWHERE ON THE PLANET or in london, thanks!!! AND ALL WEEKEND AS WELL OVER AND OVER! schoolchildren are the WORST audiences. they sit too close and they don't care about being rude. and old people aren't any better because they're so quiet you don't know if the even care about what you're doing or if they've all died or what. and i suppose this should be enough for me because i'm not going to worlds since i broke my fucking leg at oireachtas time, so it's performances for shitty audiences and feiseanna and that will have to tide me over for the REST OF THE YEAR until oireachtas time again.

I'M REALLY DISPLEASED IF YOU COULD NOT TELL and simon's been a little snot aboutit. ohhh moiiiraaa is a booooreaaaa and isn't good enough to go dancingggggggggggggg

STFU AND STFD i'm better at life than you are you little stupid fuckhead. i'll kick you in your braced teeth and then we'll see how you like broken bones.

Date: 2008-03-20 12:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm sure glad you aren't angry at me.


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