Jan. 14th, 2007

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i realise that i did not talk about my trip! anyway, we always stay in la grange park, which is where my dad lived (he also lived out in farm country in wayne but it's not really farm country anymore and he likes to say things like, "OH, THAT WAS A CORNFIELD, ONCE! OH, THAT WAS A CORNFIELD TWICE! look at all these houses! there were only cows here back in my day!"). it wasn't even snowy when we were there and that was bizarre because sometimes it's so cold the street gets icy and i push simon down on his arse. i think that, as rule, if it gets that bloody cold it ought to snow, at least. otherwise we're just sitting around the fire feeling cold.

we went shopping on michigan avenue because it's better than state street now. we took the train in and union station was so fucking crowded that simon RAN OFF to go to one of those little shops with candy and newspapers and magazines in. and you know how many there are in union station? 900000000000000000000000093430. that's how many. and we had to search each one on our level before we found him across from a bakery, near the escalator things going down.

anyway so after being delayed for a half hour, we walked outside and FROZE. it's windy down there but that's not why the call it the windy city. but it was windy. simon walked on the wall along the sears tower and it got so high in one point that dad had to climb up just to get him to jump down. of course then he jumped down and FELL ON HIS KNEES and scraped himself up. so we had to go into the bank and ask if anyone had plasters and they rummaged around and we cleaned him up and then managed to actually make it to state street. of course i got a little bored so we walked down to michigan avenue and all the while simon was whinging about how much his KNEEEEEEEEES HUUUUUUUUURTTTTTT I CAN'TTTTTT WALKKKKKKKK MUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. he whinged so much that dad took him into one of those little souvenir shops and told him to shut up (acutally he said calm down or we'll go home, but i would have said shut up). SURPRISE SURPRISE, after that, simon stopped fussing like a toddler and we actually sort of had an interesting time. we went into fields and i begged to go into tiffany but they wouldn't let me. they never let me. we also stopped by millennium park but it's not quite the same as in summer when the fountain things are surrounded by loud children in bathing suits. but it was still pretty.

sooooo after buying fuck all, we caught the train back and simon was denied sweets for the rest of the day for being a little shit. bwahaha justice works! i am queen!


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