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Mar. 9th, 2007 11:31 am
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lmao let's pretend moira never borrowed a blonde wig when she lost her red wig two years ago okay? i was TRYING TO FORGET THAT you know? put it behind me and all that you know. but then oh but then i was like oh let's go browse youtube for crap and what do i find? SOME STRANGE PERSON FILMED ME AT A FESTIVAL AND THEN UPLOADED IT AND IS IT ME WITH MY RED HAIR? NO. IT'S NOT IT IS ME IN MY BLONDE WIG THAT DOESN'T MATCH MY RED HAIR. god the shame but i do miss that dress a little


damn what a low ass click.

and i want to marry this person.

AND THIS BRINGS ME BACK!!! oh, god it's so cute.
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but my dress is done. done done done. done and so sexy you have no idea. it's all @*$(@$* and ()@#()(@ and i can't wait to flash my bloomers at the adjudicators, bb. we got some blue ribbon to lace at the top of my poodlies. I CAN'T WAIT FOR WORLDS. oh god what am i saying. yes i can. i have so much more practising to doooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. why am i here why am i not waking people up with my hardshoes.
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OH SHIT SON! so michael flathead is sponsoring new trophies for worlds. they're globes and have the winners all over them or something. i don't know, i haven't seen them. but i am personally a little disturbed because the damn big old trophy-shaped trophy has always been there and is a dear comfort to me and my grabby fingers. my grabby fingers want none of michael flathead's skincells.




Jan. 24th, 2007 09:56 pm
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i suppose i spoke too soon last time.
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grandmum and grandpa are freezing out apparently. it was freakishly warm they said when we were there but now they've got snow and shite and apparently everything is freezing over and people are dying and it's the end of the world and so on and so forth. makes me pleased i live in london, land of slush except for a few rare occasions.

my solo dress is two seconds away from completion and i, moira ann curley, am delightedly awaiting my FINAL (see that people: FINAL) fitting. THE FINAL FITTING. oh my boots and knickers! free log
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i realise that i did not talk about my trip! anyway, we always stay in la grange park, which is where my dad lived (he also lived out in farm country in wayne but it's not really farm country anymore and he likes to say things like, "OH, THAT WAS A CORNFIELD, ONCE! OH, THAT WAS A CORNFIELD TWICE! look at all these houses! there were only cows here back in my day!"). it wasn't even snowy when we were there and that was bizarre because sometimes it's so cold the street gets icy and i push simon down on his arse. i think that, as rule, if it gets that bloody cold it ought to snow, at least. otherwise we're just sitting around the fire feeling cold.

we went shopping on michigan avenue because it's better than state street now. we took the train in and union station was so fucking crowded that simon RAN OFF to go to one of those little shops with candy and newspapers and magazines in. and you know how many there are in union station? 900000000000000000000000093430. that's how many. and we had to search each one on our level before we found him across from a bakery, near the escalator things going down.

anyway so after being delayed for a half hour, we walked outside and FROZE. it's windy down there but that's not why the call it the windy city. but it was windy. simon walked on the wall along the sears tower and it got so high in one point that dad had to climb up just to get him to jump down. of course then he jumped down and FELL ON HIS KNEES and scraped himself up. so we had to go into the bank and ask if anyone had plasters and they rummaged around and we cleaned him up and then managed to actually make it to state street. of course i got a little bored so we walked down to michigan avenue and all the while simon was whinging about how much his KNEEEEEEEEES HUUUUUUUUURTTTTTT I CAN'TTTTTT WALKKKKKKKK MUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. he whinged so much that dad took him into one of those little souvenir shops and told him to shut up (acutally he said calm down or we'll go home, but i would have said shut up). SURPRISE SURPRISE, after that, simon stopped fussing like a toddler and we actually sort of had an interesting time. we went into fields and i begged to go into tiffany but they wouldn't let me. they never let me. we also stopped by millennium park but it's not quite the same as in summer when the fountain things are surrounded by loud children in bathing suits. but it was still pretty.

sooooo after buying fuck all, we caught the train back and simon was denied sweets for the rest of the day for being a little shit. bwahaha justice works! i am queen!
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we learnt a very bizarre treble reel that was less treble reel and more trouble reel. oh i am funny. i gave my toenail a good whack doing a bang and thought my whole shoe was filling up with blood but luckily it wasn't! i am being told that this is what i ought to be dancing whenever there's a trophy dance or what have you, so i danced like there were hyenas chasing my brother.

all in all, it was a very normal lesson.
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new ghillies, new ghillies, oh! new ghillies, new ghillies, oh! who's got new ghillies, i've got new ghillies! they pinch they squeak and they smell like cow but i've got a few months left to break them in so they're nice and purty. and i like cows. mm MM MMMM MmmMmmMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i need new poodle sockszzzzssz0rs.

anyway, we're back in the town on a river. londinium, as it were. i am quite pleased to see that no one robbed us, and tomorrow i am going in for a dress fitting. I HOPE I DIDN'T GET TOO FAT OVER THE HOLS, WHAT WHAT!!!
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WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL it was christmas. we are still in chicago and won't be home til saturday but i loooooooooooooooooooove it here so i don't much care. anyway i got PIRATES OF THE FUCKIBBEAN and i am going to make love to it all night long you know. i also got shiny new buckles. they're shamrock shaped and filled in with blue. i can't wait to wear themmmm at wooooooooooorlds weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. anyway i also got loads of other awesome crap. this gorgeous little jacket and too many socks and a shirt and another shirt and another shirt. simon made me the dumbest gift in the world. i bought him a video game and he made me a lopsided clay pot.

THANKS SIMON you geebin. bleargh.

we saw trinity in a parade overrrr in downers grove. i wish i lived here so i could have gone to that school. i'm going to apply to join the company as soon as i turn eighteen THAT IS FOR SURE you see if i don't, damn it.
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i will never shop again!!!! NEVER.

but there were like nine hundred and eleventy thousand santas in leicester the other day. ellie was keen on attempting to blend in the middle of them and mosy on down to the tube, but i knew a bit better and said she ought to go have a delightful time playing in traffic, instead. marcus agreed. upon marcus agreeing, ellie changed her mind. I DO NOT WANT TO RUN IN A STAMPEDE OF SANTAS. they were probably all going drinking, anyway. god knows i'd drink after having 40696075 little kids like simon sitting on my lap all day while i have to wear a fake beard and act jolly.

speaking of simon, he's a knob.

we're flying to chicago tomorrow. i bet i'm going to die there, as well. at least shopping is complete!
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IT'S ALL CHRISTMAS SHOPPERY and we saw one of our schoolteachers gazing in selfridges with a longing look in her eye, which meant we had to make a quick dash across the street. it seemed a lot safer than it could have done at the time but we made it out alive and we're not going to go down oxford street until we're properly done with this term and on our winter hols.

see, i am a good child!
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so exciting so exciting everything is SO DULL. who am i kidding? last night erin and sinead and molly decided we ought to have a go at the new hornpipe right? that's the extent of the excitement in my life. heaps of practise and then it's break for the winter hols and then it's 404940 solid years of practise until worlds. yippity skippity.

my dress is just a little over half-done. i've been going in for weekly fittings so they can see i'm not getting too fat. i have named my blackbirds fanny, natty, penelope rose, eloise and henrietta.

i would like snow.
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my goodness! my dress is coming along BEEEEEAUTIFULLY if i do say so myself. it's still in pieces but the lady who always makes my dresses (her name is fiona but her friends call her agatha and that's really weird) has started on the front panel. she's got all this machine-stitch knotwork and BLACK BIRDS BLACK BIRDS BLACK BIRDS. with glitterball. black glitterball blackbirds. their silhouettes how the fiddles do you spell that anyway?

my dress is seriously going to be awesome. the lining will be black satin oooh la la! and so will my bloomers ooh la la! i will seduce the adjudicators at worlds, i'm telling you! they will see my pale irish knee as it blends into my white poodle socks and their eye will travel up to my sexical bloomers and OH BABY A RECALL? FOR ME? OH, FIRST PLACE WITHOUT DANCING THE RECALL? I'M HONOURED REALLY!

yep that's how it'll go i am telling you.

incidentally, my brother decided he wanted to do the COLOR A SOLO DRESS thing for irish dancing magazine. the only problem is that i haven't been subscribed for two years so he's working off old issues. i haven't the heart to tell him he's being a dilf because IT'S TOO HILARIOUS TO STOP IT let the boy face humiliation. i don't care! i am a loving sister.
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worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds worlds glasgow here i come again!!!!
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argh argh argh argh argh argh ten day countdown untiiiiiiiiiil the oireachtas. but we've picked a main colour for my new solo dress. it will be light blue. i almost did black velvet but then at the last second i changed my mind. i hope i don't change it back because it's too late now! mum and i are working on a colour scheme and design. i think blackbirds would be ace. maybe scalloped edges but sometimes those end up looking too cluttered even if they're not.

anyway today ellie and i went for chips after school. i dropped one on the floor and she stabbed her fork in it and ATE IT. how gross.
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ha! i win! we are going to the dressmaker's tomorrow.
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east of england champs are done and now i'm really nervous for the O as it is this weekend. i know i'll do well and all but everyone gets nervous before the important ones. kathleen says that she sees a great improvement in my turn out on high clicks so that's good. my left foot sometimes wobbled in a little but it didn't seem to matter much because i still go top ten at worlds. she says that's probably why i didn't get top three.

anyway i'm really glad. i've been doing HEAPS of clicking drills at home. it's about time that nonsense paid off.

dad says he'll talk to mum about a new solo dress. I'M VERY EXCITED NOW THANKS

school is so boringggggggggggggggggggg
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whoops i'm in class sort of. we have computer time and marcus keeps hitting me with his papers.

deegan feis came and went and felt really rather pointless what with the championships coming up this next week. did well though. first in championships, and i didn't botch my new set. i hate how everything is heavy jig/slip jig now but kathleen makes me feel guilty if i don't try my best and she said it would be a good mirror for next week.

i'm really nervous about next week even though i KNOW i'm going to do well because i usually do. anything could go wrong though that's what i always think about. but what i'm thinking about MORE is just the oireachtas because now it's a month away.

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here i am online illegally again! i'm only on now because simon uses the computer all evening and i can never get on!

anyway i'm still arguing about a new solo dress and i'm starting to fret a bit because if we don't get started now I won't have it at worlds! they think i can still squeeze into the one i wore last year but i'm not finished with my fattening up plan yet so we'll see. we'll just SEE who gets the last solo dress.
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yesterday was class of course and it was alkfjglhljkd of course and I MISSED DINNER because of course mum was all "oh i'll cook dinner at six and it will be done in FIVE MINUTES so that moira has FIVE MINUTES to eat because she has to be at class preferably at least a minute BEFORE dancing starts at 6.30!!!!" so i had to eat an apple and that wasn't very filling after jigging around because guess what ohhhhhhh i'll tell you what THERE'S A FEIS round the corner and i'm not really excited because my solo dress is a bit short and i want a new one because i've already danced in it at worlds and before that i had it for like two years so it's TIME FOR A CHANGE and i'm growing. at least i hope i'm growing.

anyway so i'm going to ask mum after school today but i'm sure she'll say NOOOOOOOOO you can't have a new solo dress because those cost five hundred thousand pounds and we just don't care if you wear the same thing twice!!!

oh yeah and today marcus and ellie and i spent the afternoon in the city eating chips. i'm going to get very fat so i don't fit into my solo dress and then mum and dad will HAVE TO get me a new one even though it's already TOO SMALL besides.
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