Apr. 6th, 2007

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oh my god worlds. okay so it's not really done yet (WE HAVE THIS BRILL DANCE DRAMA OKAY) but it's done enough for me anyway. i'll post more results later because i lost my sheet that i was writing them on.

HOLY CRAP okay so this year i actually got to sleep in kind of. only to nine but usually i'm up at six because i have to dance by eight and ughhhhhhh. well no usually my number is dead last so i have to wake up and practise for ages and then WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT forever until my legs are all dead and i can barely move and i'm super tired. not this time oh, no. although we didn't start until 1.40 and my number was kind of in the middlebeginningish.

the light round started sometime like half three. we had to wait until half SIX to hear recalls. i nearly died between them and i had to have something to eat, so i ran about with the top of my solo dress down and a smock over the whole thing and ended up eating one chip or something less because i was SO ANXIOUS since in my hardshoe i messed up on the left foot first step near the end. and to make matters even more tense, they called out my number three from the end and i was going to pieces all over.

thankfully at about seven the sets began and it was a lot quicker to pass. BUT WE HAD TO WAIT ANOTHER TWOOOOOOOOOO HOURS to get results. i was a bit less nervous so i ate a big arse burger and didn't get any ketchup on me at all! at nearly 9.30 we got them and AHHH mum screamed in my ear and i could have exploded. i mean i've won before but it never stops being exciting because competitors change and age groups change and procedures change and locations change.

we got back to the room at nearly half ten and i wasn't exhausted at all. i jumped around in circles with erin and we took some pictures for school and i took my solo dress off (bless it i love it but oh it was getting stuffy).

now i am free to relax and it's LOVELY.

oh man i swear it was nine times better than last year and it is all to do with my shiny new solo dress, which is GORGEOUS by the way. sparkly blue and ready for a year of feiseanna.

OH YEAH i saw the most hideous solo dress (and that's saying something) when we were backstage waiting. it was leopard print oh my GOD. i thought it was bad when they replaced knotwork with geometric shite but leopard print takes the cake of fug.

by the way, i hate the new drapey-style solo dresses. give my stiff-panelled dresses back WITH KNOTWORK. of course i oughtn't say anything since mine hasn't got that much knotwork on.


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